Astar is here!

In partnership with Astar, Alchemy steps into the Polkadot ecosystem. All usage is free through 2022.

How it Works

The benefits
of Astar

Driving community innovation

Astar developers can start building with just two lines of code using Alchemy's SDK, giving them access to Alchemy's Supernode, the revolutionary blockchain engine with infinite scalability, reliability and 100% data accuracy.

Building for builders

With initiatives like Astar’s #Build2Earn, enabling devs to earn income from dApp staking, and Alchemy’s $25M WAGBI Grants, Astar and Alchemy are committed to providing you with the tools you need to start building.

Future-proofed interoperability

Astar, built on Parity Substrate, connects the Polkadot ecosystem to Ethereum and all major Layer 1 blockchains. If you’re an EVM dev, this will make it even easier to start integrating Astar into your dApps.
“Supporting the developer ecosystem is Astar’s driving motivation. By partnering with Alchemy and making their blockchain engine available to Astar developers, we will bring even more innovation and growth to the builder community."
Sota Watanabe, Founder and CEO of Astar
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For Developers

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I start building on Astar with Alchemy?

Today! Head to our docs and get building!

What Alchemy products are available on Astar?

Alchemy Supernode, offering the most reliable, scalable and accurate way to connect and build on the Astar blockchain.

Alchemy SDK, giving you the easiest way to connect your dApp to the blockchain with just two lines of code.

Websockets & Webhooks, to subscribe and get notified for any address activity events as well as mined and dropped transactions.

Will Alchemy be supporting additional parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem?

At this time, we’re thrilled to be starting with Astar. As always, we’ll continue to evaluate additional opportunities and we always welcome your feedback.Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on any new feature requests!

I'm a new developer– where should I start?

Want to learn more about Astar?

Get an in depth explanation of Astar and how you can start building by visiting the docs.
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