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Build the future of the internet economy using Alchemy's world-class blockchain developer platform.

How it Works

The benefits
of Ethereum


Take advantage of the leading decentralized, permissionless architecture that enables you and your users to take ownership of their digital experiences.


With its robust Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, Ethereum is the one of the most secure blockchains to build your application on, with the imminent Ethereum 2.0 upgrade only adding to this security.

Developer Ecosystem

With all the top applications and developers on Ethereum, this is the primary blockchain to grow your platform on with Alchemy's world-class developer API.
"Alchemy has been crucial in helping us build and debug our global marketplace. The Alchemy team is stellar, and we're super excited about all of the tools they've been releasing.”
Devin Finzer, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenSea

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Get an in depth explanation of Ethereum and how you can start building by visiting the docs.
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