EVM equivalence, infinite scalability

Polygon zkEVM combines the security and composability of EVM, with the performance, throughput and cost savings of ZK-Rollups. Build on Alchemy to access the magic.

How it Works

The benefits of
Polygon zkEVM

EVM equivalent

Effortless integration on Polygon zkEVM for Ethereum L1 and L2 developers. Just copy and paste your Solidity code and deploy on zkEVM. It will work with the built-in benefits of Ethereum security and decentralization.


ZK-Rollup's fast transaction finality enables higher throughput, unlocking capabilities for power users who need to move assets seamlessly between L1s and L2s. Now execute complex transactions with reduced latency.

Low cost

Because ZK proofs guarantee the trustworthiness of state transitions, minimal data posted to Ethereum helps to achieve low transaction costs, supercharging DEXs, gaming, marketplaces, payments and other high-volume use cases.
"Polygon zkEVM will unlock unprecedented scalability in web3. A great way for developers to actualize these benefits is with Alchemy's infrastructure, that guarantees infinite scalability, with the highest reliability in the ecosystem."
Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon Co-Founder

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Get an in depth explanation of Polygon zkEVM and how you can start building by visiting the docs.