Token API

Complete token data.

The token data your users expect, no token list required. Available on all EVM-supported chains.

Supported DATA

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Token Balances

For any given wallet address, surface the token balances for all ERC20 tokens.

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Token Allowances

Tell your users their token allowance: the token amount they can withdraw from any sender.

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Token Metadata

Provide key token metadata, e.g., token name, symbol, logo, for a given address' token balances.

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features & benefits

Programmatic and complete token tracking


Instead of relying on incomplete heuristics like token-lists, the Token API automatically retrieves all token balances and metadata for any address.

Save resources

Alternative token data methods are time and cost intensive, requiring hundreds of calls per user. Alchemy’s Token API gives you this data in a single call, minimizing resource investment.

Paginated retrieval

With paginated endpoints, load and manage complete token data for any address, even your app’s biggest whales.

make it even stronger

Token API Supercharged

Pair with Transfers API

Use the Token and Transfers APIs together and get comprehensive current token balances along with complete historical transaction activity.

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Pair with NFT API

Use the Token and NFT APIs (getNFTs, getNFTMetadata) together and get the comprehensive token balances of ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens owned by a single address.

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We rely on Alchemy's Token API to ensure that every time any one of our 800,000+ users sign into their ZenGo wallet, they can see the balance of every supported token they own. This is extremely efficient for us to serve - it's a single call on our end that creates a comprehensive experience for our users. We explored various market options and found no option that was equally efficient.

Meni Cherbakovsky
VP of Engineering, ZenGo
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