"Our goal is to bring blockchain to a billion people"



"While our team is focused on solving one of the biggest opportunities in Web3, Alchemy and their Ventures Team provide us with everything to bring our vision to life. From product reliability, customer service, excellent monitoring and analytics, their team goes above and beyond."
Rahul Sethuram
Co-Founder Connext
"Alchemy and their Ventures Team lets us engineer things in the most streamlined and friendly way possible. The auto scaling solution allows us to grow and avoid any operational overhead, we always know that Alchemy can support the growth."
Nikita Buzov
Founder Solace

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"With the NFT space blowing up recently, we’ve been dealing with a lot of growth and traffic, but our blockchain infrastructure has been extremely reliable thanks to Alchemy. Using them has been an absolute blessing."
Yash Nelapati photo

CTo, Makersplace
"Among node providers, Alchemy's reliability is in a class of its own, and the extensive logs make it a pleasure to use for developers."
Jeroen Hesp
Co-Founder & CEO, Masterpiece